Tyre Compare is like the Web-jet or iSelect for car tyres in the sense it does the shopping for you. Customers no longer need to visit or call multiple stores, Tyre compare takes the hassle and haggle away when purchasing tyres.

Minimum subscriptions reached, capital raising ongoing.

Tyre Compare is the only e-commerce business to offer consumers the ability to source the cheapest and best quality tyres from multiple retailers. It is a free, instantaneous service for the consumer.

The business model generates revenue by charging monthly access fees & commission to tyre manufacturres & retailers on a successful sale, much the same way a many other comparison style websites monetise.

How does it work?

Customers can easily access the website & get pricing information from tyre retailers.

Shoppers can search for tyres by:

1. Vehicle Make.
2. Tyre Size.
3. Uploading a photo.

Tyre Compare instantly displays results of all tyre options & prices available. The tyre is then purchased online & the retailer then contacts the customer to arrange a fitting. Tyre Compare receives a commission from the transaction which is deducted off the balance prior to the funds being received by retailers. Tyre Compare guarantee the lowest price possible from multiple retailer options on tyres. All prices include fitting, balancing and GST.

Smarter Advertising For Manufacturers & Lower Customer Acquisition Costs For Retailers.

Tyre Compare is a low cost alternative to traditional marketing for tyre retailers, affording business all the benefits of a full e-commerce solution without the financial expense or obligations of operating their own website.

Tyre Compare have 111 retailers on the platform with an additional stores registered for the full launch in November 2015. Retailers pay a monthly subscription fee to have their retail store featured on the website, similarly manufacturers pay a monthly subscription fee to have their brand of tyres promoted through the site.


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