Titan Media Group Limited came to us seeking to raise $2,000,000 to launch a small format out of home advertising company. The challenge: getting the business from a rough business plan to an investor ready state and raising the cash.

$2,000,000 Raised

Titan Media Group Limited formed in 2010 by Brett Jarick and Mark Fishwick, two successful advertising and media buying executives. The Company was referred to us by a wealth private investor who had invested in Preshafood Limited and liked what they saw in Tauro Capital.

We were really impressed with Brett and Mark but very little existed in the way of a business plan, financial projections, and go to market strategy.

We assisted in the recruitment of the Company’s board which included Brendan Fleiter, the ex CEO of Crazy Johns and Don Jeffries.

We raised $2 million for Titan Media with the first million coming in within a couple of weeks within launching the offer. They are today and extremely profitable, fast growing and successful business and remain one of our best success stories.

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