Tauro Capital set the record for the fastest capital raising on record in Australia with this transaction, $600,000 was raised from one investor within 15 minutes of opening the offer. Sherpa Australia’s leading last mile crowd sourced delivery company.

$600,000 Raised

Sherpa operate a web based crowd sourcing business that allows customers to have pretty much anything delivered to them on demand, items delivered include alcohol, flowers, food and online purchases. It’s a really clever business that looks and feels much like Uber to use. Users pay for the service by credit card or paypal. Deliveries are carried out by Sherpas- individuals who have applied for a position as a courier and have been through the company’s vetting process. We were referred the opportunity by Ben Nowlan following our success in closing the Alphatise transaction. Ben introduced us to Mathieu Cornillon and Bastien Vetault.

At the point of engagement Sherpa were trialling their first generation web application. The business was not revenue positive.

Tauro introduced the perfect investor for Sherpa, this was an individual with over 15 years’ experience building and divesting ecommerce businesses. The deal was clenched within 5 minutes of the parties meeting each other.


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