Photomerchant Limited – a clever SaaS based product aimed at semi professional and amateur photographers. $700,000 raised at a headline valuation of $13,035,568.

$ 700,000 Raised

The team at Photomerchant are by far and away the most professional outfit of eCommerce entrepreneurs we have ever seen. They were totally in control of their business and had calculated down the the last cent what it cost to recruit their customers online and in turn how much money they made from each customer. The challenge here was to raise capital in a tough market on a valuation of $13 million for a business without significant revenues. This involved explaining the massive upside potential of this global business to investors. The exit multiples paid for SaaS businesses are huge in comparison to traditional businesses but equally important to exist considerations was the Company’s plans to grow revenues and profits. The story around market size, competition, pricing and go to market was developed by Tauro working with Photomerchant and we feel remains one of the best examples of a compelling story to investors.


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