$2,000,000 raised on an $8,000,000 valuation!

$ 2,000,000 Raised

Tauro Capital Partners is pleased to announce that the Foxley capital raising (which allowed for up to $2,000,000) has been closed off as fully subscribed from value adding and private investors.

Foxley is the ultimate fast-track for web designers who want to build a profitable business on their own terms. Foxley will provide web designers with done-for-you systems across critical business areas such as marketing strategy, operational execution and technical tools.

Foxley Business is the first release of Foxley’s product suite. Released to Beta customers on 1 November 2016, it was purchased by more than 100 customers across the globe in the first week, generating six figures in revenue. For detailed information please see www.foxley.com.

Foxley Sites (due for release in 2017) is the second arm of Foxley. Using a drag and drop, code free platform, designers will be able to create smart, effective websites that drive more traffic and sales in a fraction of the time. Designers also maintain total control by keeping the entire process in house.

All the funds so far have come from value adding and private investors who bring industry experience, skills and contacts along with their financial capital to the business.

Tauro Capital Partners worked closely with founding partners of Foxley, Bianca Board and Simon Langridge to build a talented team of leaders that provide the Company with industry knowledge, skills and experience as well as financial capital to the business.

With the leadership team packing experienced heavy hitters, and a product offering that’s going to change the game, Foxley is poised for rapid growth.

In commenting on the transaction, Simon Langridge from Foxley mentioned "It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Simon and Nick from Tauro Capital. They raised the hard capital for us on a forward looking valuation, and recruited a star studded Board of Directors to help Foxley grow. I can’t recommend Tauro highly enough"


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