How would you like to sell your business to a large multinational for a fortune, have them give you 20% of their business and end up running the show? Price undisclosed.

Well, this sounds too good to be true but that’s exactly what happened to Adam Ducquet the founder of the CardPro Group through a Tauro Capital process.

CardPro makes credit cards, phone cards and just about every other plastic card. The Founder and owner of the business Adam Ducquet is a super smart 30 something entrepreneur who created this production process by setting up a factory in China, investing in high tech equipment and building a team of talented locals behind him.

It’s an amazing story and his ability to produce products at lower prices but fatter margins got the attention of the World’s largest card manufacturers.

Adam engaged Tauro originally to assist in the divestment of the enterprise; we were in a competitive process involving two players. This was technical, challenging work involving financial consolidation across 6 companies, 4 currencies and different tax and legal jurisdictions.

One of the biggest challenges was dealing with the regulatory complexities and cross border M & A issues involved in selling a Chinese entity.

The final result was a brilliant one for Adam and his shareholders and the successful buyer in their business- a brilliant outcome, a wonderful client relationship and a big transaction for Tauro Capital.


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