Biosolar – funding a cleaner, greener future.$1,000,000 raised.

$1,000,000 Raised

Biosolar Limited is one of Australia’s leading retailers and installers of residential solar PV systems.

The client had created a model whereby government rebates on the purchase and installation of solar PV systems were offset against the price of the solar PV system leaving a small gap of a few thousand dollars. Consumers were offered extended payment terms on the balance which created a significant funding requirement for the Company.

At the time we were engaged nearly $10 million worth of forward orders had been logged but the Company did not have sufficient capital to fund stock and working capital to support the sales.

We raised $1,000,000 for BioSolar. The Company is now profitable and growing at a rapid rate.

One of the challenges with the BioSolar project was explaining to investors very complex government incentive structures and addressing a lot of negative sentiment on the market space resulting from the activities of other unscrupulous operators. We created a hype reel to fill in the knowledge gaps – a huge amount of information needed to be communicated quickly and persuasively.

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