Alphatise is the smartest ecommerce marketing business in Australia and its founders are the best salesman we have ever met. Together, we raised $1,000,000 on a valuation of $15,000,000 in 7 days – that’s got to be a world record for an unlisted capital raising.

$1,000,000 Raised

Alphatise is the world’s first marketplace that enables sellers to respond to actual demand for their products in real time. Sellers can use Alphatise to reach buyers who have expressed interest in their product or service. By providing intelligence on buyer intent, Alphatise gives sellers unprecedented power to price and sell goods and services based on actual market demand.

Occasionally you meet a client who inspires investors with their passion and vision Alphatise CEO and Founder Paul Pearson is one of those. Paul’s business completely flips traditional advertising and marketing approaches on its head but the business was pre revenue and the technology had not been built at the time that this fundraising was launched.

The technology also needed to be explained to investors simply and clearly which is a challenge when no other business like this exists in the market. We needed to create a story and narrative that explained all this to an investor while maintaining their interest and attention and we needed to do this in a very short time frame. It was a team effort but the final result was amazing. When investors got the chance to look at the materials 95% of them elected to invest, the raising was oversubscribed which was great.


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