Want a good result? Get Serious.

Over the last 5 years our expert team has developed and perfected a process for ensuring entrepreneurs deliver the right message when marketing to investors with a view to raise capital investment.

Build a foundation of solid financial forecasting.

Financial due diligence ensures buyers and sellers transact for proper value and as transparently as possible. These days lenders have zero tolerance for badly priced transactions and Boards require increased assurance from their management on the merits of each transaction.

A clear market position as unique as your business.

Every company we team up with stands apart in their field. Working together we will craft a bespoke proposition that outlines why your ideas and business principals will create new opportunities in your industry. Ultimately, your unique positioning will convince investors to single you out and dive deeper into the opportunity.


A scalable model ready to capitalise on every opportunity

Investors will always be looking for businesses that can expand rapidly with investment.

Tauro will develop a scalable model for your company to show investors that you're nimble and ready to grow your business rapidly.


Ignite interest and spark excitement around your ideas.

In addition to a solid business case, the marketing of an opportunity must feature additional components that pique interest, generate excitement and draw investors into the company's story.

We will draw out and emphasise the X factors of your business and present them in a way that encourages investors to take decisive action.


A view to the future based on solid foundations.

The ultimate question for potential backers will always be - what is the projected return on their investment?

The financial proposition we construct for your business will present the upside of the opportunity and how this will generate attractive exit strategies


Leadership teams that create confidence.

Often the leadership team behind an opportunity can be the crucial factor for investors when deciding to work with a new venture. Investors must believe that the team can deliver the business plan and adapt to the many challenges of growing a new company.

Tauro has extensive experience in accentuating the strengths of your key staff, as well as recruiting an executive team that will compliment existing skills.


Mitigating risks to ensure rewards

Every opportunity that presents a high reward will inevitably possess some risks. What investors want to know is that you have identified the key risk factors and developed plans to mitigate and manage these potential hurdles.

Our process will flesh out plans that will safeguard the success of your opportunity and convince investors you have the skills and plans to adapt and succeed.


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