Tauro Capital Pty Ltd has a dispute resolution scheme in place to resolve any expression of dissatisfaction made to it, which is related to its products or services, or its complaints handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected. The scheme includes both an internal dispute resolution process (“IDR”) and an external dispute resolution process (“EDR”).

The first step in the process is IDR. A complaint may be made to Tauro Capital Pty Ltd by telephone or by mail but the preferred method is by email addressed to Tauro Capital Pty Ltd will acknowledge receipt of the complaint as soon as it reasonably can and will then promptly in accordance with its degree of urgency address the complaint.

Tauro Capital Pty Ltd will not provide a final written response when a complaint is resolved to the complainant’s complete satisfaction by the end of the fifth business dayafter the complaint was received and the complainant has not requested a response in writing.

Tauro Capital Pty Ltd will otherwise provide a written final response to the complaint within 45 days. This will inform the complainant of the final outcome of their complaint at ADR; of their right to take their complaint to EDR; and the name and contact details of the relevant EDR scheme to which they can take their complaint.

If Tauro Capital is unable to provide a final written response within 45 days it will before that period expires write to the complainant stating the reasons for the delay, advising the complainant of their right to complain to EDR, and providing the complainant with the name and contact details of the relevant EDR scheme to which they can complain.

If a complaint has been through the IDR process but remains unresolved, or is not resolved within the appropriate time limits, the complainant has the right to pursue their complaint through the EDR scheme.

The EDR scheme in all cases above is the Financial Ombudsman Service (“FOS”). The details of the FOS scheme can be found at its website or by telephone 1800 367 287.

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