Shifting into top gear

The most sophisticated solution offered by Tauro Capital involves assisting clients (usually publicly listed entities) who may be profitable but are not creating significant shareholder value to improve performance.

It is a common experience for clients to be profitable, cash flow positive enterprises without creating significant shareholder value.

Our role is to act as a corporate advisor across the whole of business in order to analyse the enterprise, determine where in the business the problems or opportunities lay, report to the client on these elements and then execute a program aimed at making the necessary improvements to the business.


Whether you are looking to divest a business or asset or acquire an existing business getting the best advice and the right answers is critically important. We deliver the same range of services and level of expertise as the global accounting firms for less. It’s all about delivering value to the client.

  • Identifying growth drivers
  • Analysing shareholder value
  • Incentive & remuneration structures
  • Capital budgeting
  • Risk management
  • Goal setting & planning
  • Corporate communications
  • Performance measurement

Australia’s leading boutique advisory firm specialising in crowd funding, corporate mergers and acquisitions, unlisted capital raising and strategic advice.

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